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DAX H&S proboj do kraja tjedna?
Čini se kao vrlo vjerojatno.
Crobex i ZSE will follow.
hvala kolega, osim ako to nije još jedan triple-top ili Head and Shoulders Top (Reversal)
Three Highs: All three highs should be reasonably equal, well spaced and mark clear turning points to establish resistance. The highs do not have to be exactly equal, but should be reasonably equivalent to each other.
Volume: As the Triple Top Reversal develops, overall volume levels usually decline. Volume sometimes increases near the highs. After the third high, an expansion of volume on the subsequent decline and at the support break greatly reinforces the soundness of the pattern.
Dakle potrebno je još podataka, osobito što se tiče volumena trgovanja, a meni se čini da iste ovdje baš nisu idealne, naprotiv:
When looking for patterns, it is important to keep in mind that technical analysis is more art and less science. Pattern interpretations should be fairly specific, but not overly exacting as to obstruct the spirit of the pattern. A pattern may not fit the description to the letter, but that should not detract from its robustness. For example, it can be difficult to find a Triple Top Reversal with three highs that are exactly equal. However, if the highs are within reasonable proximity and other aspects of the technical analysis picture jibe, it would embody the spirit of a Triple Top Reversal. The spirit is three attempts at resistance, followed by a breakdown below support, with volume confirmation. ROK illustrates an example of a Triple Top Reversal that does not fit exactly, but captures the spirit of the pattern.

znači bitno pitanje je-da li su ovi vrhovi približno jednaki i da li volumen trgovanja ispod njih počinje padati?

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