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02.03.2007., 08:21
Za one koji su se vec obogatili na burzi (i nije daleko od Hrvatske).


Campione d'Italia is a fascinating place - a small Italian enclave of 1.7 square kilometers located entirely within Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Lugano. Campione is technically a part of Italy (province of Como) and Italian law applies.
The official currency is the Swiss Franc, but the Euro is accepted as well. All banking is done through Swiss banks a short ferry-boat ride (no passport or ID required) across the lake in Lugano. This gives residents the legendary Swiss financial privacy. Residents qualify for Swiss license plates, and Campione residents can also use the Swiss (or the Italian) postal and telephone systems.
The famous Campione Casino generates substantial local revenue. This is probably one of the reasons why the residents and property owners in Campione enjoy very special tax concessions. Campione is exempt from the Italian value added tax (VAT). The real estate taxes or 'rates' are nominal. Italian income taxes are theoretically applicable to all who live there more than six months a year - but no one bothers non-Italian residents for income tax. There are no special tax advantages for companies domiciled or managed from there. Thus it is a fine base for wealthy (non-Italian) individuals, but not a place for an international business to be headquartered.
Campione is not entirely tax-free, but even Italian residents do not pay the full Italian income tax. Based on a special provision in the Italian law, the first CHF 200,000 of income is calculated in Euros, at a ridiculously low fixed exchange rate. This results in a low effective income tax.
As in Italy itself, there are no inheritance and gift taxes. income from interest on foreign bonds paid through an Italian bank is taxed at a special, reduced rate of 12.5% only.
To obtain a residence permit, you may have to buy an apartment or a house - simply because there are few rentals available. The real estate market is very small and prices are relatively high. A home or apartment in Campione may easily cost twice what it costs across the take in Switzerland. Lugano real estate agents will have listings on Campione properties and there are also several real estate agents in Campione itself.
Secret tip for our readers: There is a Migros mini-market and gas station just outside of Campione on the only road into the country. Inside this gas station is a bulletin board. An on that bulletin board, you will sometimes find rentals and good deals on cheaper property on a 'person-to-person' basis. There is also for local deals a free local advertising paper called Cerca & Trova. This means "Looking and Finding." Far more deals are concluded privately than through brokers. Mortgages are virtually impossible to obtain because foreclosing on Campione properties is hard to do.
As a practical matter, and in theory, a non-Italian should get a residence permit after 3 months of continuous physical presence in Campione. But since continuous physical presence can be broken by stepping across the street or going for a swim, no officials will ever ask for a resident's permit from anyone who rents or owns a property and lives a quiet life.
To qualify for the permit to become a legal resident, you need police clearance from the Italian authorities as well as approval of your resident's application by the local Campione authorities. While residence permits are issued by Italian authorities, access to the territory of Campione (entirely surrounded by Switzerland) is governed by Swiss visa regulations. This means that the passport you hold should allow you to enter Switzerland without a visa, or you will (theoretically) have to apply for a Swiss visa beforehand.
But here's another secret tip... a back door to Switzerland for-people who normally need a visa to enter (or for PTs who simply don't want t to show their passports as a matter of principle). There is a ferry boat from Cerisio (Italy) to Campione. You don't need any Swiss visa to get on that boat. The ride is about 30 minutes. Once in Campione, you can take another ferry, or walk on foot into Switzerland without crossing any border posts. There is even a footpath that crosses from the top of Campione over an unpatrolled strip of forest on a mountain ridge. A twenty minute mountain hike gets you back into a pleasant mountain resort town in Italy.
As a practical matter, there is not much of a border between Italy, Switzerland and Campione anyway. Cars with EU license plates and white passengers are waived through. They are seldom stopped when crossing into or out of Switzerland from Italy.
For European Union or EEA citizens: Campione residence is a back door to Switzerland. You are in effect, living in Switzerland and can have an office in the financial center of Lugano - yet by being a legal resident of Campione, you can avoid the draconian Swiss rules on residency and also Swiss income taxes.
Standard Italian naturalization periods apply in Campione. This generally requires ten years of residence or three years of marriage. There arc reduced-time requirements for persons of Italian ancestry who speak Italian. Also, every four years or so, there is a general amnesty in Italy for undocumented aliens. This allows people who are in Italy (including Campione) to get legal residence with a simple form. The catch is that people who take advantage of the amnesty are expected to pay Italian income taxes, social security, health insurance premiums, etc. If they don't, the residence permit is revoked. However, Italy is a refuge for economic and political refugees, and a person who stays out of trouble is exceedingly unlikely to be deported.

Jones Dow
02.03.2007., 18:47
Za one koji su se vec obogatili na burzi (i nije daleko od Hrvatske).


Kako može biti idealno mjesto kad je okrenuto prema sjeveru?! :biggrin:

02.03.2007., 18:54
Može biti idealno, jer tamo blizu živi Carla del Ponte :)

02.03.2007., 22:53
Kako može biti idealno mjesto kad je okrenuto prema sjeveru?! :biggrin:

U Luganu i okolici rastu palme. Doduse, nisu autohtone kao ni one na splitskoj rivi, ali su ipak palme, kojih nema na mnogim juznijim mjestima u Europi.
Uz jezero Como postoji gradic imenom Lemone. U njemu se komercijalno uzgajaju limuni, i po tome je ocito dobio ime. Je li ti pojam mikroklima nesto znaci? Suncana strana Alpa je fascinantna regija.